Every child, a Writing Sprout, in our original weekly programme will
- engage in holistic learning. Students are immersed in all dimensions of language learning - viewing, reading, writing,  visual representating, editing, publishing, speaking and listening
- learn 21st century competencies - sharing and questioning, communication and collaborative learning, critical and inventive thinking and response, self-directed learning, innovation, confidence
- ​explore many different writing genres, authors, styles and text types
- have opportunities to express themselves in added areas of the arts –  illustrating, role play, songs, dance, author book reading etc.

- have the added enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to give their best, as the end goal is to showcase their work either through publication (primary levels), or show-and-tell (preschool levels)
- interact with authentic texts

- engage in the cycle of read to write, and write to read


- original publications that are authored and illustrated by kids. They are professionally bound, hardcover books.

- available to students in our weekly courses (primary levels) and private create-a-book workshops

- option to reprint multiple copies

Create-a-Book is ideal for:
1) Developing a love for reading and writing in your child
2) Collaborative projects between siblings, parent-child, relatives or friends
3) Family bonding
4) Keepsakes
5) Gifts (dedicate the book to a special person)
6) Party favours
7) Promote entrepreneurial spirit in your child (Order in bulk and sell the books for fundraising or charity)
8) School post-examination enrichment
9) Interdisciplinary collaborative projects in schools