​​​Vision, Philosophy and Mission

To provide vast opportunities for our future generation to write for self-expression and to connect with the world around them.

1) Each one of us has the innate ability to express ourselves through writing. 
At Writing Sprouts, we nurture youths, regardless of their ability, to uncover their writing talent, overcome writer’s block and spur them to the next proficiency level.

Our adult coaches, at the same time, are also writers who write and share their writing with the youths to exemplify the writing passion and lifestyle.

 2) Write for life, beyond examinations.
Our far-sighted curriculum encompasses teaching materials that youths can apply in examinations and beyond.
We encourage youths and equip them with skills to be lifelong writers for different purposes and audiences.

 3) We believe in the inherent connection of
-Reading, speaking and writing

Writing doesn’t happen on its own. Writing flows from avid reading, thinking and speaking about texts. We stress on the significance of the read-write-speak connection. We train students how to read like a writer, and write like a reader. On top of devoting much time to writing, we provide ample reading and speaking opportunities, for youths to build on their reading comprehension and oral skills. 

 - The writer and his surroundings/world
A good writer writes from his observation, interaction and awareness of his surroundings. At Writing Sprouts, we attune youths to the people and occurrences around them and in the world, to help them translate their perceptions into writing.

Our 5 'E's
Expose the child to a wide range of literature, as well as local and world affairs
Explore with the child many different genres, text types and writing styles
Engage the child to make meaning of texts and critically respond to them
Equip the child to develop his own writing voice
Encourage a writing culture
How? By our 6 'I's
Impact with fun, multi-sensory, multi-modal lessons and rich texts
Impart language skills, strategies and literary mechanics
Individualise with choice, self-direction and pace
Inspire by modelling passion and writing lifestyle
Integrate reading, writing and speaking every lesson
Invest in writing time every lesson