"​The facilitator's knowledge of subject matter and ability to motivate students are very good. The published book looks great. Good quality production materials used.

    I would recommend this course to other parents and children. The facilitation process helps kids think through what is required when developing a story. It is also very encouraging for kids to see the final product after their hard work. I would be keen to gather a few of Tiana's classmates for another private session the next holiday!"

Mum of Tiana

"This book 'The Cheesecake Bake Off' is my second publication with Writing Sprouts. I like the workshop because I can learn with my friends and I like that I can draw!"

Sarah, Lower Primary. 

"The facilitator was very friendly and approachable. She gave very useful tips to Emma on writing and helped with the development of her story. I would recommend this programme as it is useful for learning, practising writing and grammar."

Mum of Emma

"It was an extremely fun and rewarding course for children (and family). My daughter was truly inspired by Edna who was patient and assuring throughout. The child was amazingly charged and engaged through the 5 days of book creation. It was a titanic experience for us as a family too, especially when the book was published and shared among family and friends. My younger daughter (P2) is currently very inspired to write her own book like her elder sister."

Mum of YN

"I had a great session with Ms. Edna and I enjoyed myself tremendously. The lessons are too short because time flies when you're having fun! I benefited from the workshop and hope to have another one in the future."

Tiana, Lower Primary. 

"I’m very glad that my girl had fun and she learnt many idioms. Her confidence in writing a story has also increased and that to me is precious. The quality of the book is very good and am very satisfied with the layout. I’m looking forward to sending Charis to another session so that she can continue to surprise me with her growth and creativity."

Mum of Charis

"I noticed the immediate effect on my daughter's writing style. Weng Yee can now pen all her ideas comfortably. She really enjoyed the fun lessons. She giggled and laughed while continuing the composition at home which is a very rare occasion. She's an anti-tuition student but she asked to enroll her for the weekly lessons.

Edna is a very sincere and friendly educator. She can get along with my daughter.

I will definitely recommend Writing Sprouts to others."

Mum of W.Y.