1. Is Writing Sprouts a tuition centre/programme?

What we are not:
We are not a tuition centre that promises distinctions, or drills with countless worksheets and mock papers. 
We do not spoonfeed with contrived and overused phrases (azure blue sky anyone?). We do not expect students to memorise and regurgitate 'model' essays. We don't attempt to cram as many 'wonderful words or phrases' in a paragraph as possible, just to get them checked for exam-marking purposes. 

We do not impose primary school students with the 3-picture composition format as early as Primary 3. We find it sad and appalling that students do only the 3-pic compositions from P3 to P6, just for the sake of getting it right for PSLE. Heartrendingly, when they advance to secondary level, their scope of learning is again narrowed down to what's needed to score for O levels, even starting from Sec 1.  

Instead, this is what we are:
We are truly an enrichment programme. We believe in equipping students language skills and inculcating language appreciation for life. We look ahead and beyond examinations – not chase behind it. We aim to expose youths to authentic literature and texts, encouraging them to model after real writing and attempt many kinds of writing. We are familiar with the latest national examination requirements. Our curriculum is planned to meet and even exceed MOE syllabus.

Although our lessons are not exam-centric, we strike a balance by including some exam format practice in our lessons. 

We believe what we do in turn increase our youths' capacity to handle examinations, as well as readiness for variations in exam topics and changes in exam formats.

4. How long does it take for the book to be published?

It takes approximately 2 weeks. 

2. How are our books different from other children’s personalised books/ create-a-book in the market?

There are other personalised books in the market that insert your child's name, or allow your child to appear as a character in a pre-determined story. As much as we recognize the value and joy it brings to a child to see himself appear in a story, the main storyline is still mass produced beforehand and the child doesn't get to contribute to the book at all, apart from lending his name. 

At Writing Sprouts, each book is truly one of a kind, written and illustrated by the child. Other than creating the end product of a published book, we also emphasise on the creative and learning process that the child experiences. Our writing programme empowers the child to truly be the author/illustrator of the book. ​

3. What are the specifications of the published book?

  • hardcover
  • full colour
  • slighly smaller than A4
  • standard 20 pages. Additional pages cost extra
  • Book and author information on the spine
  • Includes title page and dedication page
  • Book blurb and author-illustrator bio on the backcover
  • Re-order option available

The books are made from safe, non-toxic materials. They are professionally printed and bound locally to ensure high quality and fast turn-around time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Writing Sprouts a tuition centre?

2. How are our books different from other children’s personalised books in the market?

3. What are the specifications of the published book?

4. How long does it take for the book to be published?